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How It Should Be And What It Is

Our expectations of how things should be can blind us to what all of our options are. A more realistic and more hopeful approach may acknowledge how we exist in perpetual change over a lifespan. Acceptance of reality can help us continuously adapt our minds and bodies even if they are not as we ideally envisioned.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

“Let the wind blow through you.” What resilience is and what it is not.

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What Is It That Makes Something Real In Our Real World?

What Is It That Makes Something Real In Our Real World?

For us, real things are material things which are made up of matter that we can somehow see, like objects, trees, atoms etc. 

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How Does CBT Work?

How Does CBT Work?

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The Compounding Of Money

The Compounding Of Money

Our minds are not built to handle the reality that compounding leads to logic-defying results.

Warren Buffett’s fortune isn’t due to just being a good investor. Rather it’s due to being a good investor since he was a child. Simplifying we can say he then just waited.

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