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3. Make a financial plan

3. Make a financial plan

You must first determine your budget before taking any meaningful measures. Do you realize how much debt you have in total? How much do you charge?

You may begin by making a list of all of your existing debts.

Consider the following scenario:

credit card debt $6500.54

student loan $11,074.44

car loan $8,284.10

second credit card debt $2,366.15

other expenses $2,545.63

Be as precise as possible. No numbers should be cut off. Be as precise as possible


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What’s up, it’s @hackedongrowth here, The majority of individuals nowadays are in debt. Maybe you owe money on your school loans? Or a home loan? Perhaps you owe a lot of money to your business? Whether you’ve maxed out your credit card or are drowning in a sea of business loans, figuring out how to get out of debt might be difficult.

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Budgeting your money is the cornerstone of a sound financial plan, and seeing all the numbers in black and white can offer valuable perspective on where your mone...


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