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Ask for a Raise

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The harder you gonna get to this information remembered, the longer it will stick in your brain


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If you find it easy that you don't learning it at all


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If you combine these 4 principles in study, it will be much more effective than ever ever.


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  1. If you want to learn somethiniyg, you should put a structure and categories for information, than just learning
  2. It's about building a tree of knowledge
  3. Tree of knowledge is helps you understand the subject better


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STIC method

These are 4 main principles for effective study or learning:

S - spacing

T - testing

I - interleaving

C - categori...


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  • Active recall what you've learned or simply test yourself.

testing yourself 1 is much better than rereading multiple times.

  • The more you test yourself the more you remember


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How Do You Test Yourself?

  1. You SHOULD test yourself even before you learned some topic
  2. Test yourself before, during and after learning the specific topic


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  • Leave the space between your topics
  • You probably would forget something
  • But after you retrieve it, you'll remember it even more than if you don't forget


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  • Mix the problems of what you want to learn
  • It will struggle more (it should be hards and pain in the ass)
  • But it will be more easier and effective in the result


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Learning how to learn)

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This means you repeat the same information across increasing intervals. The harder it feels to recall it, the stronger the effect.

Why it works: It makes your brain work harder to retrieve your knowledge, which actually helps you learn more effectively.

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Taking breaks is key to better productivity

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