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How to Manage a Hybrid Team

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How to Manage a Hybrid Team

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Divide A B2B Startup Idea Into A B2C Startup

Any B2B idea, no matter how complex it is, will be used by end users — ordinary people who work at a certain company. Some additional marketing analysis is required for this route, namely definition of end users, their avatar(s), needs and pain points and existing solutions they currently use.

Validating the B2B idea using B2C individuals will most likely result in a decision to invest in development or not.


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Consider Using Messenger Apps

This strategy is similar to the previous one, but the focus is on messengers.

The idea is to find sectoral chats and, again, ask for feedback about your startup idea there.


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A Presentation Saved In The Cloud

If you create a presentation using some cloud service, it will be possible to update the presentation as you get feedback. This way, all subsequent experts will see the latest version.


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Utilize The Power Of Social Networks

Contact relevant business experts or decision-makers who work at target companies. This strategy can work alongside the MVPP framework or be done independently.

An important difference is that you should not try to sell your solution, like in the MVPP strategy, but ask for feedback instea...


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Create An MVPP Framework

Create An MVPP Framework

MVPP stands for minimum viable PowerPoint. It is derived from the commonly known MVP — minimum viable product — a version of a product with a limited functionality created in a fast and cheap way. So the idea of the MVPP is a standard commercial offer creation, either simple Word document or ...


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