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Purpose Of Sleep

Purpose Of Sleep

The first purpose of sleep is restoration. Every day, your brain accumulates metabolic waste during normal neural activities.

Recent research suggests sleep plays crucial role in cleaning out the brain each night. While these toxins can be flushed out during waking hours, sleep flushes these toxins out twice as fast.


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Intelligent and inquisitive mother of one son and two dogs. Not afraid to admit I'm a little crazy and weird. I love learning about social sciences, new information on mental health, meditation, yoga, dance, music, and all animals.

As a person suffering from severe insomnia, sleep hygiene and importance of proper sleep are important to me. Understanding the negative consequences of lack of sleep are also imperative.

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The first purpose of sleep is restoration.

Every day, your brain accumulates metabolic waste as it goes about its normal neural activities. Sleeping restores the brains healthy condition by removing these waste products. Accumulation of these waste products has been linked to many brain...

Our Perceptions About Sleep

Sleep is often regarded as an unwanted activity that hinders our enjoyment of life, but it is crucial for our health and wellness. Real alertness begins with a rested mind after a full night's sleep.

Sleep is our brain’s housekeeping time when metabolic waste, toxi...

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