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Vulnerability helps us work through our emotions and process them more effectively. It fosters improved emotional and mental health while living an authentic life bravely and resilient.

I personally feel a little lost when it comes to identity and sense of self. Here's some basic information if anyone else feels unsteady!

Discovering self-compassion and actively practicing it leads to healthier lifestyles with less symptoms of depression and anxiety. This book is very informative and inspires to start living a self compassionate way of life.

As a person suffering from severe insomnia, sleep hygiene and importance of proper sleep are important to me. Understanding the negative consequences of lack of sleep are also imperative.

I am a queen at putting things off until the last minute! This article is full of great information on breaking procrastination!

Virginia Hodges


Intelligent and inquisitive mother of one son and two dogs. Not afraid to admit I'm a little crazy and weird. I love learning about social sciences, new information on mental health, meditation, yoga, dance, music, and all animals.


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