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Do Yourself A Favor And Forgive Others

We always conclude that if we forgive a person it means we are favoring them, no it’s not! we are not favoring them for their deeds we are making our self free from the baggage of grudge.


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Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself

Almost everyone has said something hurtful, forgotten an important event, or betrayed someone they love.

We have to remember that our mistakes do not define us. If we learn and grow from them, then they make us better people. Forgive yourself, and give yourself credit for trying not ...

Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

Self-forgiveness is a key component of self-compassion. When you forgive yourself, you acknowledge that you made a mistake, like all other humans do.

Self-forgiveness involves four key steps:

  1. Take responsibility for your actions.
  2. Express remorse and regret without let...

Forgive Them

Forgive Them

In close relationships, people are bound to occasionally say thoughtless things, or neglect you somehow. But unless it has seriously upset you, forgive them right away.

Not harboring grievances is a key way we protect our relationships from internal threats. Couples that stay in l...

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