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EIGHT: The Printables

EIGHT: The Printables

  • Have a hard time drawing the charts and trackers for your bullet journal?
  • Get printables with designs already on the pages and just add them to your bujo.




It should be a fun project that helps you stay focused and organized. If you concentrate on what really drives you to write, your bullet journal can become a lifelong project.

  • From all the bullet journal collection ideas you may have, some information will be likely reoccurring and change in a short amount of time, such as in a weekly meal planning spread, or grocery list, fitness tracking, etc.
  • Another situation you can u...

  • You can use washi tape to decorate your bullet journal in so many ways but this hack here is all about organization!
  • You can color-code every collection of your journal, by either lining the edge of the page with washi tape or making small washi tab...

  • The purpose of bullet journal signifiers is to easily identify the task at hand or note, but if you have 15 different icons to keep note of, you will spend most of your time trying to decode it. It is counterproductive!
  • You should always star...

Bullet Journal Hack: Find a time of day for your bullet journal ritual. It can be any time that works for you, just sit and fill in your bullet journal daily.

  • I knew I wanted to add a dash of creativity to my journal.
  • Maybe you don’t think of yourself as an artist and don’t want to turn your bullet journal into an art journal , I get it! Still, you can us...

  • If you came across bullet journalists while perusing Instagram you know that some talented people out there put a lot of effort into making their bullet journals look like a masterpiece.
  • These complex, perfectly-decorated spreads you see simply don’t get created overnight.

Bullet journaling is a blend of using a planner, a task list, a diary and it can become a creative outlet.

Bullet Journal Tips For Beginners: Add printable artistic elements or stickers to beautify your bullet journal if you don’t have the skills to draw or doodle them.

  • One common thing that you see often between successful bullet journal lovers is that they use the bullet journal regularly.
  • The key to success with bullet journaling is to keep at it! And the best thing is that this type of journaling generally requi...

Bullet journaling tip: Concentrate first on the information rather than on the aesthetics, that way you will build the foundation habit of your bullet journal that can also be used when you feel inspired.

Bullet Journal Tips and Tricks: Use colorful washi to color-code each important section. This enables you to do the planning work without having to keep going back to the index.

  • Although a bullet journal is a flexible all-in-one organizer tool it doesn’t hurt to think about what set up roughly you want to have.
  • If you are just starting out with your bullet journal , it’s likely that you will forget to add some important pages that will you plan life ...

  • There are many Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube accounts that are brilliant to find inspiration for your bujo or you can read blog posts about bullet journal ideas .
  • Those beautifully craft...

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