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Fair Compensation

Money matters. The people who say it doesn’t have money. Job seekers want to be fairly compensated for the work they do.

You may be able to snag some talent with lowball offers, but for how long? These people will be ripe for the plucking and will depart the moment they receive a better offer.


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Bad Application Tracking Systems

Qualified candidates can’t get through your applicant tracking systems. Their résumés seem to go into a dark hole, never to be found.

Try applying for a position with your organization and see if you can get hired!


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No Flexibility To Employees

Many people have experienced what it’s like to work from home and have been successfully doing so. They want the flexibility to do so in the future, yet many employers are saying, “It’s my way or the highway.”

More and more workers are choosing the highway. Can you afford to stand your gro...


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Why Can't Organizations Find Talent: Behaviour

Why Can't Organizations Find Talent: Behaviour

Lack of empathy and humane treatment. Workers are still resentful that some companies never stayed in touch while they were on furlough.

Are you guilty of this, as well? Consider if you would be eager to return to an organization that treated you as if you no longer existed.


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Impossible Job Requirements in JD

Job descriptions(JDs) with overinflated job requirements will remain unfilled or will continually turn over. Candidates who are well-suited for these jobs, yet don’t perfectly match your long list of qualifications, won’t give your job postings more than a glance.

Think about it. Is it es...


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Better Healthcare Not Provided

Speaking of benefits, job seekers are looking for healthcare benefits—and reliable versions. The pandemic has shown people that we’re all vulnerable. Anyone can get sick at any time.

While it may not have been traditional for organizations in your industry to offer such benefits, you soon...


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Outdated Application Technology

Your online application process is tortuous. Most were built for applicants applying from their computers, which is a problem when you consider that 61% of all job applications were submitted last year using mobile devices.

Now imagine what happens when a candidate is required to type in ...


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Companies Using Wrong Tactics

You’re trying the wrong tactics to bait talent. A fleeting sign-on bonus for new hires is a short-term solution to more long-term problems


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Company Compensation

Is your compensation competitive? For many workers, it’s considerably less expensive to stay home with your kids instead of paying for childcare (if you can even secure a coveted child care spot).

Have you checked the market lately to ensure your wages are still viable? Can those workers,...


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Lack Of Benefits

Job seekers are looking for better benefits. Stories about awesome perks are in the headlines daily, making many people question why they should forego an opportunity to get in on the goods.

They’re flocking to those organizations that are offering a pot of gold while your talent pipeline...


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Long Hiring Process

Many job applicants will remove themselves from consideration if the entire hiring process is long and drawn out.

Some will be quickly snapped up by organizations that hire more swiftly, and others will refuse to work somewhere solely based on the applicant experience.


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Less Than Perfect Candidates Getting Rejected

Less “desirable” candidates can’t get a second look. I’m not talking about people who have served prison sentences for robbing a bank. I’m referring to mature workers, people with disabilities and military veterans.

Consider looking for talent where others aren’t digging. Be willing to di...


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