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The Antidote to destructive mental time travel:

Cultivate the ability to hold your attention in the present moment. Use your ability to mentally time travel mindfully, not mindlessly

When faced with a challenging situation, keep your attention on that current situation, don't replay any upsetting past event to add to what you're already dealing with. Focus on what you currently have to do, or better, focus on the upside.

When going for a run, instead of replaying a fight you had w/ your spouse last night or worrying about your exam tomorrow, focus on how it feels to run and be outdoors,how the wind feels on your face or the music on your ipod


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Jack of all people-related trades, master of none. Majored in Psychology, Customer Service Assoc for a few Years, HR Officer for 4, Manager and ESL Teacher for over 11 yrs now, an artist since birth.

Mental illness can creep up when you least expect it. It pays to be mentally strong & prepared at all times

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