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The “Reinvention” Season

Reinvention Season describes people who want to totally reimagine and change the course of their career, usually by switching industries. Imagine a lawyer who wants to leave her firm and join a start-up.

Here’s a quote from someone in Reinvention Season: 

“I have 12 years of financial sales experience, but I feel pigeonholed onto a sales track and don’t enjoy the work. I’ve always wanted to transition to a computer science field, but have no formal experience.”

You’ll hear typical phrases like “fresh start” to describe this Season.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

Ramit Sethi argues that, just like there are seasons in our life, there are - and must be - seasons in our career and that without understanding “our” Career Season, we can’t and won’t find a job that’s perfectly made for us.

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Giving Effective Feedback

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