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Securing The Candidate

Your job is not done until the candidate is delivering results as your employee. To get them through the door, you must sell to them by sincerely appealing to the 5Fs that people care about: Fit, Family, Freedom, Fortune, and Fun

You’ll have to sell throughout the recruitment process, not just at the end. Specifically, you must sell across 5 phases of the hiring process: during sourcing, during interviews, while waiting for the candidate to accept your offer, after the offer has been accepted, and during the new hire’s first 100 days on the job.


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The Bible for Effective Recruiting

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Finding The Best Candidate

Finding The Best Candidate

Companies involved in a long, drawn-out interview process forget that the best candidates only briefly surface on the job market and don’t stay there forever. Surveys indicate that most candidates lose interest in the job if they are kept waiting in line for longer than two weeks.


Getting Hired During The Pandemic

Getting Hired During The Pandemic

The recruitment process hasn’t changed much during the ongoing pandemic, apart from Zoom interviews, and the virtual onboarding.

Job seekers do not have much to tweak in their interview style, and the only thing that has to be upgraded is their mindset.

The Interview Performance

  • Usually, a typical job interview has the employer(s) sit in a room (or a video conference software) and make them answer unstructured questions, gauging their ability to charm them, and appear as the right fit by feeling like ‘one of the gang’. The candidate is selected or rejected base...

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