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How to stay motivated ? 

Motivation , I think it is the most searched keyword over the internet and other social media platforms .

Today something wierd happened with me , actually I was searching the top keywords or may be you can say the most searched keywords on Google trends and when I type motivation keyword then the result just shocked me .

Motivation is being something that everyone is searching in the world wide internet some are searching for motivational videos , some are searching for motivational speech rest of the people are searching for motivational songs . 




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Just an ordinary man, trying to be extraordinary

Lack of motivation the reason why one lacks motivation and best way to fix this problem

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How to use body language effectively

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How to optimize for Google’s featured snippets

How to optimize for Google’s featured snippets

  • Do keyword research and target question keywords.
  • Check Google’s “People Also Ask” for relevant questions.
  • Aim for the first page of Google SERPs .
  • Use the inverted pyramid style when writing content. (Start off by giving the answer “the most awaited part” and then pr...

The Main Idea

The Main Idea

Confidence is a vital weapon for us to pass the barriers that hold us back in our life. And, it is a very significant tool for our personality, charisma, and other aspects.

All of us were lacking confidence at some point, or maybe always. Then again, we watch so many motivational videos but...

How to Get Motivated

Develop a Routine. Create a series of events that you always perform before doing a specific task.

  • Step 1: Start by doing something so easy that you can't say no to it. Your pre–game routine tells your mind, “This is what happens before I do ___.
    ”For example, In my...

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