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How to stay motivated ?

How to stay motivated ?

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How to stay motivated ? 

Motivation , I think it is the most searched keyword over the internet and other social media platforms .

Today something wierd happened with me , actually I was searching the top keywords or may be you can say the most searched keywords on Google trends and when I type motivation keyword then the result just shocked me .

Motivation is being something that everyone is searching in the world wide internet some are searching for motivational videos , some are searching for motivational speech rest of the people are searching for motivational songs . 




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How To Stay Motivated ?

How To Stay Motivated ?

Motivatio is the biggest issue in our society everyone is in search of motivation here and there but couldn't

Do you know that we all have a common thing among what is that ? . It is they lack motivation and a short span motivation period .

The terms used is big no ?


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Short span motivation period 

Motivation that lasts for a small period of time , in this type of motivation people gets motivated by watching a video or speech and tries achieve what they want , but after a short period of time approx 1-3 days they again reaches back to thier ground state .

Just like the electron in the outermost shell of the atom , when the atom was heated then the outermost electron absorbs the energy and excites it's ground state and reaches into a higher energy level but after some time the electron releases his energy and reaches back to the ground state .



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Technique on how to stay motivated and succed in life ?

Here's the technique that I often used when I feels demotivated,

1. Find a good place where you can sit alone.

2. Remember to keep your phone aside or keep it silent.

3. Now just ask a simple question how you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

4. Ask yourself that what will be your condition in the upcoming 5 years if you will waste your time as you have wasted earlier ?


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5. Imagine yourself in a condition where you don't have enough money to meet the expenses of your family .

Even you don't have enough money to give the balance in your financial condition .

6. Imagine yourself in situation where your childrens are struggling for their secure carrier & life . 

Imagine yourself when the teacher of that school will asks your children's about your employment status and your children's will shamefully say that my father is an unemployed person , we have no money even we have improper health, food , clothes and house facilities .


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Stop wasting time, stop giving excuse, stop being lazy, just start doing hardwork for your goals in such a manner that when your child will born he must be smallest millionaire. Start doing hardwork for your children's future , start doing hardwork for a luxury life.


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Tips to stay motivated and succed in life

Few tips to stay motivated everytime,

1. Stop being lazy in your work.

2. Find out a reason for what you actually want to stay motivated.

3. Set some rewards when you accomplish your tasks. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction.

4. Wake up early in the morning , it will make you more productive, energetic and enthusiastic towards your work .


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Bonus tip

Be stubborn , stubborn towards anything that you want to achieve in your life. 

All sucessful people are stubborn they never focused about the failure they are getting back as a result they focused on one thing that is their dream. Their goals and hence they are successful .


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I will conclude my words with a on a simple note believe in yourself believe in your skill do hardwork and let the success speak for you. 

Stop giving excuses be the best version of yourself .

Good day


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Just an ordinary man, trying to be extraordinary


Lack of motivation the reason why one lacks motivation and best way to fix this problem

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