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Tips to stay motivated and succed in life

Few tips to stay motivated everytime,

1. Stop being lazy in your work.

2. Find out a reason for what you actually want to stay motivated.

3. Set some rewards when you accomplish your tasks. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction.

4. Wake up early in the morning , it will make you more productive, energetic and enthusiastic towards your work .


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Just an ordinary man, trying to be extraordinary

Lack of motivation the reason why one lacks motivation and best way to fix this problem

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Brian Tracy Productivity Tips

Brian Tracy Productivity Tips

  • Focus first on the tasks that earn you more money.
  • Dump the electronic interruptions, or severely limit them so you can focus on selling.
  • Ignore email in the morning, checking it will merely distract you from your goals.

Make a to-do list with a schedule builder

If you want to stop the tyranny of the to-do list, you must break the habit of letting your list tell you what to do. Build a weekly schedule instead. For example, study from 2-4 pm, exercise from 4-6 pm, work from 6-9 pm, work on the to-do list from 9-10 pm.

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