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7. Poor Sex Life

7. Poor Sex Life

It’s only that you didn’t know that an active sex life helps you feel more energized than drowsy. If you can afford it in the morning before you start your day, well and good. What’s more? Researches show that you’ll actually be more productive at work if you’ve had sex in the morning. The reason is that sex releases hormones which significantly improves your mood. When you are feeling good, you’ll engage more & find more satisfaction in your work thus you won’t be feeling low all day.


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5. Work Without Breaks

5. Work Without Breaks

If you tend to sit in front of your computer all day without taking some time to walk around and stretch, it can cause low energy and fatigue. In any kind of job you do, take some breaks and this helps to boost your energy level. 


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12. Messy bedroom

12. Messy bedroom

Quality sleep is the bottom of the matter if you’ve got to enjoy better days. But how conducive is your bedroom? If your bedroom is messy with everything everywhere, it is possible that you won’t get the relaxation you need while resting and it might take a while before you fall asleep. 


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9. Doing the job you hate

9. Doing the job you hate

How does it feel to wake up for a day only to remember you’re headed to the job you hate doing or being in the company of people you don’t like? This can drain your energy and steal the motivation to stay happy and active. If that job doesn’t make you happy, quit and find a job that you love. 


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13. Poor Diet

13. Poor Diet

Individuals who eat lots of processed foods experience some kind of energy crash. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains as well as lean protein to help boost your energy levels.  


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4. Waking Up Late

4. Waking Up Late

While sleep is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, not waking up early enough can be detrimental to your health. You need to wake up early and get some ample time to de-stress and be more proactive ready to start a successful peak performance day. 


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11. Stress

11. Stress

Stress and depression result due to persistent bad habits. At any level, stress is hazardous to your health. Anxiety leads to sleeping disorders, ulcers, grey hair and more. Lack of sleep leaves you feeling more anxious and irritable and this reduces the quality of life. Face your problems head-o...


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6. Not Taking Your Breakfast

6. Not Taking Your Breakfast

Some individuals especially those on weight loss programs tend to perceive that missing breakfast will help achieve their body goals. It is one of the most alarming bad habits. While this is not true, skipping your breakfast is like starting a car on a day-long journey without fuel. Eat breakfast...


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8. Whining Pals

8. Whining Pals

Staying around toxic people can make you tired. The kind of people you allow in your life can greatly affect your physical and emotional health. To stay energetic, you need to stay happy.

Thus when they feel angry, sad and powerless at the same time, they resort to whining and complaining. ...


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14. Low Magnesium Level

14. Low Magnesium Level

Magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral and has a lot to do with quality sleep and rest. For people who take long before falling into sleep or spend the entire night tossing up and around your beds, a check on your magnesium levels is necessary. You need quality sleep to give your body ample...


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3. Not Staying Hydrated

3. Not Staying Hydrated

Slight dehydration takes a toll on your energy level since it leads to low blood volume. This makes your blood thicker making the heart pump blood less efficient. As a result, this reduces the speed at which oxygen and nutrients are distributed in your body system. In this case, you’ll end up fee...


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15. Gadget Use Before Bed

15. Gadget Use Before Bed

The use of smartphones and computers before bedtime interrupts the natural way you fall asleep. The glaring light from these gadgets can affect how you catch sleep. Keep your technology gadgets away at least two hours before bed. 

And for your love for wine, avoid drinking when going to bed...


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2. Irregular Workouts

2. Irregular Workouts

While physical workouts and exercise are essential for keeping you healthy and fit, the habit of failing to attend the gym or do exercise when tired can work against you. While you might think you’re saving on energy for tomorrow, you end up fatigued. 

A habit of regular light exercises wil...


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1. Lack Of Enough Sleep

With busy work schedules, and deadlines to meet, it becomes tricky to afford ample sleeping time. Trying to make everything work within 24 hours is the lifestyle for many people today.

When this becomes a habit, your body slowly gets weary and weaker because you hardly afford the t...


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This Is Why You Feel Tired Everyday

Are you sick and tired of feeling weary all day long? Dropping these bad habits can help. 

If you are consistently exhausted even when you think you’ve done your best to stay healthy and active, probably you’re missing something. This is usually a combination of those little bad habits you ...


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10. Staying Indoors All Day

10. Staying Indoors All Day

For those people who keep it indoors for days without a day out, it is possible to feel tired all day. This is especially during winter. Lack of exposure to sunlight has some effects on the cardiac system where the body’s ability to secrete melatonin is altered. Take some time outdoors and bask f...


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