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Preventing Ghosting By Candidates: Quick Follow Up

Since a candidate might not be entirely serious at first, if that candidate looks interesting, you arrange a telephone conversation like right now, so you can "sell" the candidate on working for you.


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Setting Goals

Setting Goals

It’s one thing to have a vague mental roadmap of where you’d like to be in the long term. It’s another thing entirely to write down specific, measurable, actionable goals you can start working toward right now.

Push A Little Harder

Sometimes we move too quickly from our rejections as if the door is suddenly permanently closed. We need to not take rejection at face value right at the first go and show that we are not made of clay.

Sometimes, there can be a lack of understanding between the recruiter and the candidate,...

Awkward Silences

Awkward Silences

One way to avoid them is to “assume the burden of the conversation,” One might use self-disclosure to change the topic, and say, ‘Golf isn’t my thing, but I really like to cycle.’ Or, if someone asks about something sad or bad, throw the conversational ball back and say, ‘I just can’t talk about ...

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