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If you have an idea that you think is the greatest idea the world has ever heard, chances are, so has someone else. The difference that makes the difference is if you can actually carry it out and put it into existence. Raise your hand if you’ve actually stopped what you are doing to create a new business from someone else’s idea. No? It’s because starting a business takes an enormous amount of time and resources. People don’t just drop what they’re doing to steal your idea, and even if they did – they won’t do it the same way you would.



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Get your ideas out there. Share your viewpoints, share your goals, share your thoughts on that great product you’ve been dreaming of. Getting helpful feedback is crucial to developing any idea you have, whether it’s a business concept or a new widget you want to build, so take it out of your head and see where it goes.

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How do you get the idea for a business and then lead it to success?

The best business ideas initially seem the least plausible, that doing things that don’t scale can be a good starting point, and that what customers actually want can be different from what they tel...

4. The next difference between job and business is related to profit or loss.

5. No one can fire the person doing business as they are the owner. Whereas the person doing the job can be fired if they does not meet the company expectations.

The idea is not the start-up

The idea is not the start-up

When you raise money, it is not an achievement, it’s an obligation. When you raise money, you’re not just answerable to your customers but you’re also answerable to investors because they desire a return. Because they’ve raised money from someone who is also looking for a return....

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