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If you're underpaid, you're undervalued

If you're underpaid, you're undervalued

There are times in your career where a raise is justified and expected.

Asking for a raise is a sign that you know what you're worth and often indicates that a professional is taking their career seriously. Therefore, it is critical to recognise when it is time to ask for a raise.


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How much to ask for

  • Look at what your role pays industrywide. Online tools can help you learn what the median pay is for industry, position, and location.
  • Avoid asking your colleagues what they're paid.
  • Avoid asking for an outlandish increase.

1. College will Gain Your Entry

1. College will Gain Your Entry

It used to be that higher education was the pass to an effective professional career and better than expected earnings.

The reality is that not enough of those productive employments exist for college graduates today and may not for a long while. 

Considering an extended warranty

Before accepting an extended warranty, ask yourself:

  • How likely is it for this thing to break? Search online reviews to find out. Remember that the manufacturer's warranty is often sufficient.
  • Would depreciation make buying a new one worth it?

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