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When to ask for a raise

  • Your employer posted strong quarterly earnings.
  • You had an excellent performance review.
  • You made a significant achievement. Ask for a raise right after a recent big win.
  • You find out you're being underpaid after researching your market value.
  • You took on more job responsibilities and establish a track record of delivering excellent work.
  • You received a job offer from another company.
  • You've just hit the one-year mark. Assuming you've delivered great work over the past year, you're in a good position to ask for a raise.
  • You received a promotion. Ask your boss if your new title comes with a raise.


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Right now, it may not be appropriate to ask for a raise. There’s so much uncertainty and worry at this time. Employers are trying to find a way to keep people.

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How to ask for a title change

Once you've done your research, made your notes, and come up with a proposal for a new title, set up a meeting with your manager (face-to-face ideally):

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What to say to ask for a raise

Touch on why you think you’ve earned a raise — i.e., that your responsibilities and/or the level of your contributions have increased. 

If you know your boss will need to get your raise approved by someone above her, you can leave a short, bulleted list of key points of...

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