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Foot In The Door Technique

Persuade someone with a smaller request or favor first and then ask for the bigger favor, they will agree to the second request as they agreed to the first one and are obliged to agree to the second one.


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It's important to have Convincing ability for any field. If you have the power to convince others, you will be accepted and heard more. These tips will help you build your persuasion skills!

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Rejection Then Retreat

To increase the chance someone will comply to our request is by making a large request, one that will be turned down. Then, after he/she refuses, make the smaller request that we’re really interested all along.

The second offer seems lika a concession which makes him/her feel inclined to ma...

Reciprocation in the workplace

Reciprocation in the workplace

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant lays out three key reciprocation styles found in the workplace:

  • Takers see the world as a hypercompetitive rat race. Since they assume that no one else will look out for them, they place their own interests first and last. 



  • When someone gives us something, we feel obliged to repay them back. It’s for this reason that people are more likely to say “Yes” to your request when you first give them a small gift or perform a small favour (People will be nice if you’re nice to them).

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