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It's important to have Convincing ability for any field. If you have the power to convince others, you will be accepted and heard more. These tips will help you build your persuasion skills!


6 ways to persuade anyone of anything

6 ways to persuade anyone of anything



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10 Psychological Tips To Convince Anyone

  1. Be confident. 
  2. Match their reasoning - If they are emotional appeal to their emotions, if they are logical, give them logic
  3. Make it seem beneficial and use repetition
  4. Choose your words carefully
  5. Use flattery
  6. Decide when to talk slow and fast
  7. No...

Talk fast when your audience is tough to please, it will make it harder for them to find your flaws and actually listen to you. Talk slow when your audience likes you and give them time to accept what you are saying.

Persuade someone with a smaller request or favor first and then ask for the bigger favor, they will agree to the second request as they agreed to the first one and are obliged to agree to the second one.

This is the opposite of the Foot in the Door Technique. Start with a bigger unreasonable request first which will not be accepted and then come down to a smaller and more reasonable request . The person whom you are trying to convince will automatically comply because you have scaled down your re...

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