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DNA as pre-assembled instruction codes

The DNA of all biological units are composed of four letters. Each letter represents a given combination of biochemical molecules. The molecules in turn are composed of specific atoms’ arrangements. Therefore, each letter of the DNA represents a pre-assembled digital code composed of strings and singularities.

The way the DNA four letters are sequenced determine the nature and characteristics of the biological units. The role of information in managing the existence of life is clear from the way the DNA is structured as sets of digital instructions.




Different biological entities possess/develop different fitness improvements capabilities. Using these capabilities lead to their continuous evolution. For those species where environmental changes are faster than their fitness’ improvements capabilities, will ultimately lose the battle to surviv...

Some light on these questions may come from digital television compression technology.

virtual reality created by the brain from our relevant memory templates.

The brain has its own building mechanism to update the received information so that they are compatible with formats which can be handled by its computational capabilities.

The stored information templates for evaluating the received information and issuing instructions are either genetically hard coded as in most animals, or acquired throughout life long contacts and experiences or a combination both. All routes lead to specific neural connections which shape the w...

If the information has been corrupted then the instructions are ignored and not carried out by the cells. Biologists can’t explain how the verification process works. In other words how would the RNAi know what the correct issued instructions by the DNA should be? This process is similar to a wel...

With all these cases where quantum mechanics play significant roles in biological functions, the question of how could this affect our own DNA now comes up, which is an emerging field that scientists all over the world are starting to pick apart

In doing so,the cells become specialized computational machines with specific capabilities to receive,process and respond to bits of information in accordance with instructions stored within their governing DNA and in their stored memories.

This could be seen as a very advanced build-in type of biological deep learning, similar to our attempts to create a digital based artificial intelligence with the capacity to update the survival of the model by meeting the overall objective for which it is created. Evolution of new species can b...

The only reality we know is the one our brains manufacture from the very limited information it is designed to receive and process. The possibility that reality is as we perceive is almost zero. What we experience is a convenient way to keep us in the cosmic game by receiving, processing, interpr...

widespread use of new chemicals and indiscriminate use of antibiotics in our food chain are all giving bacteria and viruses greater opportunities to evolve and threaten our very survival and also survival of many animals and plants.Humans are proceeding at a great speed to improve the biofitness ...

All living beings are interactive participants in an energy-mass-information equivalence based universe. They represent specific types of information processing entities with causal powers determined by their fitness capabilities (encoded in theur genetic).With our causal powers we can reasonably...

minded and reflective.They are key to learning, improving the quality of lives and long term survival of our genes.

Consciousness can be defined as an interactive information decoder interpreting the received superpositioned digital information to reflect the reality we experience. Our biological computational neural system compares the received new information with that already stored in our brains, which for...

The absence of such code would indicate that the carried message has been corrupted, hence permission is not given to proceed with implementing the instruction. For example if that DNA instruction is to produce the protein for giving a skin cell its colour and the instruction was ignored then tha...

They are composed of molecular computational systems interacting with received information then decoding and generating responses. For this reason it would be natural to expect that quantum physics plays key roles in biology.

Quantum biology has been shown in both theory and experiments to hold the key to many recorded biological phenomena. Quantum biology deals with all interactions at the sub-cells level including many logic-defying functions of the smallest particles that we know of.

This may necessitate that we implant in the AI machines specific logarithms dealing with ethical values plus sufficient checks and balances to achieve these objectives. We may also resort to planting a self destruct mechanism, not accessible by our created AI units, to ensure our ultimate surviva...

It is even conceivable to conclude that we would reach a stage in our knowledge to ultimately speed up our evolution from our current fragile biological form to ultimately become a machine based species with more chances of survival as our environment greatly deteriorate.

Being players endowed with computational capabilities suggests that we may ultimately understand how the universe works at the fundamental level and advance our knowledge so that we can communicate with other alien participants. This is similar to developing a deep learning artificial intelligenc...

version, it is similar to how google makes predictions based on your previous searches.

Adjusting the sequencing of the four letters is already being harnessed through the revolutionary technique of Gene Editing.

This is supplemented by a third (‘P frame’) programme that records only differences between scenes. The P programme is inefficient but cheap in computational cost. So the art is in finding the optimum mixture of I and P.

It is well established that our responses to stimuli is determined by the stored information in our brains.

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