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Words As Therapy

• Expressive writing, or writing for expressing one’s own thoughts and feelings into words is one of the most common ways of self help and just calming oneself.

• When you write or journal about your own negative experiences, you allow your mind to sort out the thoughts and process them, which allows you to deal with situations and even come up with solutions to difficult situations.

• Gratitude journaling is a great tool to maintain a healthy mental space. Writing about things, people and experiences you’re grateful for can be a great reminder about all the good things in life.


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Hi! I'm Anu, 18 year old in love with reading, writing and being creative. I also love music and arts and crafts. The idea of spreading love, peace and happiness around keeps me going ♥️

Words have a magic like none other, and unlocking the power to create beauty through words is something important - for all aspects of life.

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Expressive writing activities

Expressive writing activities

  • Try Journaling: Putting words to our emotions often helps us understand them in a new way, and process them more effectively.
  • Schedule writing into your routine: e.g. Morning pages.
  • Find inspiration in music: Put on a rand...

Expressive writing

Expressive writing is writing for the purpose of putting your own thoughts and feelings into words and it can be a powerful way to enhance overall wellbeing.

It focuses on expressing and describing your emotional experiences. This method doesn’t worry itself with the rules...

Count your blessings

Being grateful for what you have helps you stay optimistic about your future and boosts your mental health. 

Maintain a gratitude journal. Every night before going to bed, write down what you are thankful for on that day. 

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