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Context: Change Your Environment

Context: Change Your Environment

This is the environment in which you work. Do you waste time looking for what you need? Do your tools and devices work properly? Are better tools available? Does your workspace inspire you to do your best? If you gave a negative answer to any of these questions, change your context to help you work smarter.


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How To Emphasize Your Ability to Succeed: Mantras

  • “I did it before” – Recall a recent success and think through how you achieved it, step by step, “from start to finish.”
  • “They were able to do it” – Notice successful people around you and in the media. Draw inspiration from those who have achieved great goals.  
  • “They think ...


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The IDEA Elements

  • “Identify a very specific area” – Decide what in your life or work you want to fix.
  • “Develop strategies” – Determine what steps to take and what methods to use to achieve your targeted improvements.
  • “Experiment” – Try diff...


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A Pared Down To-Do List

A Pared Down To-Do List

Focus on a pared-down to-do list and commit to giving those tasks your complete attention.

Start the day by setting the alarm for the time you actually get up; don’t build in time to press the snooze button and fall back asleep.

Gather the tools you need to work more efficiently, bu...


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Connet With Your People

Tap the power of your social network – the web of people with whom you are connected. Your social network existed long before the advent of Facebook or Twitter.

List the people you admire, those you want to spend more time with and those you’d like to be around less.

This categoriza...


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Thinking Big: Your Beliefs

Thinking Big: Your Beliefs

Your beliefs determine your success. Remember, “If you think you can, you can.”

Thinking bigger involves building “self-efficacy” – the belief that your actions will succeed. Self-efficacy can be hard to maintain when you have more priorities on your to-do list than you have time to comple...


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Your Best Day

Your Best Day

Imagine your ideal day. What time would you get up in the morning? What would you do first? What would you accomplish? Who would you be with? Visualizing your ideal day and committing that vision to paper will help you “work smarter, think bigger and make more.”


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Homeostasis: Change Your Routine

Like most people, you tend to keep doing what you have always done. What you have been doing thus far has taken you to where you are now, so your routines probably seem successful. But to achieve more, you must do more, and that means changing your routine.


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Network: The People Around You

Network: The People Around You

 The people surrounding you greatly influence the choices you make, even if you don’t realize it. This includes people you physically interact with, as well as those in your social networks. To change your habits, change the people around you who influence you; add a person or tw...


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Making More

Making More

Making more – money, time, opportunities, memories or anything else – requires creating a continuous cycle of improvement. One powerful way to continue improving is to ask for feedback.

When you redirect your focus, your perspective changes, and when that happens, you have a significant...


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The Days Are Too Short

The Days Are Too Short

With so little time in the day, follow a three-step process to achieve your targets: “set a goal, be consistent” and “take action.” Identify your “Most Important Things” (MITs) – the top goals you want to address during a set time period.

How will you break down these goals? Some people ma...


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Clarify Your Workspace

Clarify Your Workspace

Arrange your workspace with care: What visual and auditory distractions break your focus? Visual distractions might include piles of papers on your desk, a blinking phone light or any stimulus that draws your attention from work. Auditory distractions are prevalent in open plan offices.



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The Three Driving Points

The Three Driving Points

  • First, to work smarter, use all the available time in your schedule, identify your top priority tasks, pare your task list down and maintain your focus. To work better, change your work habits, even if your existing habits brought you success.


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Working Smarter

Working Smarter

A day consists of 96 blocks of time that are 15 minutes long, so each 15-minute block is about 1% of your day. You can dramatically increase your efficiency by managing the time on your calendar in blocks of a quarter of an hour. When you suddenly have an extra 15 minutes, such as when a ...


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Your Work Habits

Changing the way you work requires gathering data, something that most business professionals understand. To reduce interruptions and to make sure you do your work when you are at your best, monitor your work habits and record any changes.

For example, if you want to increase the numbe...


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Tracking Your Actions: The Six Kinds Of Feedback

  • Results” – At the end of a set period of time, consider how the matters you want to change are going now.
  • Experience” – This is how you feel your life is transpiring.
  • Contribution” – “Who said thanks?” View others’ apprec...


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Focus To Finish

Focus To Finish

To make more, you have to focus to finish. Two techniques can help you maintain your focus, though they have varying degrees of effectiveness:

  • Use the “stop and do” tactic when a task should take so little time that it makes sense to just go ahead and do it. This approach can lead to a...


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Surveyor planning and development

A well-constructed collection of sound, practical, life-improving advice to anyone seeking increased efficiency and productivity.

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The cleanliness of your workspace affects your performance and mood at work. 

  • Having a neat, organized desk will improve your productivity and focus. 
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Play around with your home or of...

Travel and Change Your Environment

Travel and Change Your Environment

Traveling is the best way to avoid burnout. Take your laptop and spend one to two months working from somewhere else, preferably internationally. With the internet and cloud tools like Dropbox and Skype, there's very little that can't be done from abroad. The change in en...

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We work better when our environment is clean and organized. Whatever you consider organized, be sure to regularly clean up your workspace and get rid of unnecessary things.

Changing your location, especially during a creative block, can also significantly improve your performance and...


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