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What is a habit?

What is a habit?

Let's star with this simple question. A habit is a routine or practice performed regularly; an automatic response to a specific situation.


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Exercise as a routine, not a habit

Exercise as a routine, not a habit

Habit conjures up images of engaging in a mindless, automatic behavior, which fitness is not. 

Start thinking about making exercise a routine or a ritual more than a habit.

According to psychologists, the difference is that routines and rituals are deliberate, purposefu...

Habits are mental shortcuts

Habits are mental shortcuts

A habit is a routine or behavior that is carried out repeatedly and most of the time automatically.

When you are faced with a problem repeatedly, your brain starts to automate the process of solving it. Your habits are sets of automatic solutions that solve the pro...

The Confusion Of Habit and Routine

The Confusion Of Habit and Routine

Habits are programmed human behaviors with little or zero conscious thought. Habits free our minds to other things, but our behavior isn’t always on autopilot. There are many tasks that require concentration, deliberation, and effort, and cannot be simply fed in the brain as an automatic habit.

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