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How to Start Working Out at Home

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Eating enough protein when you want to build muscle

It can be really hard to eat enough protein to build muscle. People may think they are eating enough protein, but when they start to track their intake, they realise that they don't eat enough protein consistently throughout the day.

Track your protein intake. If you find you have not consumed enough, throw in some shakes.


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 Ways To Correct Knee Pain When Squatting

Ways To Correct Knee Pain When Squatting

When you have knee pain, it is almost always because of the ankles or the hips.

Work on your mobility. Ensure to do ankle and hip mobility exercises every day. If you cannot do a conventional squat, try split squat stance or Bulgarian squat.


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What To Do If Your Right & Left Side Don’t Match

What To Do If Your Right & Left Side Don’t Match

When we think we have clear differences in lengths of limbs, it is often just tightness in the muscles. We then overcompensate to correct the perceived imbalances.

To improve, do unilateral movements moving one arm and one leg. Start with the weaker side and let that side d...


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How To Get Stronger In The Big 3 Lifts

How To Get Stronger In The Big 3 Lifts

 There are three big lifts: deadline, squat, bench press. If you are a beginner, run through the lifts first. Ensure to improve your technique to identify sticking points before you increase the weight. 

 Don’t get stuck in a routine. Instead, switch programs regularly.

When y...


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Mental health and fitness

Mental health and fitness

One of the best treatments for anxiety, stress and inflammation is regular and appropriate exercise. Exercise increases not only your physical health but also your mental health.

It is better than any other medication because you don’t build up resistance as you would to medicine. Even if ...


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Triathlon Training In-Season Versus Off-Season

During the off-season, you train heavy and hard. Do resistance training two days per week, one or two days per week of cardio exercise, and mobility on off days.

During in-season training, do correctional exercise and your prescribed triathlon training. 


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Getting enough protein

If you are worried about the amount of protein in your diet, you are probably eating more than enough.

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Factors that affect muscle mass

  • Your protein intake. Your muscles need adequate protein to repair themselves.
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Our protein needs do not remain the same over the human lifespan. 0.8g per kilogram of body weight may be enough for a young adult, but from age 50 onwards, protein requirements increase as we progressively lose muscle.

Most people who can afford a high-protein plate alrea...

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