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Our mistake

We live in a world obsessed with results. Instead, we should put that intensity, focus and sincerity into the process.


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Hi all! 📚I'm Juan, a Learning Coach and founder of We Learn from 🇨🇴! I'm passionated about evidence based learning, marketing & systems. You can reach me at juan@welearn.com.co

An affirmation and little reminder to the phrase: "journey rather than destination"

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Digital Wellbeing

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How to manage digital distractions

The impact of technology on mental health

The importance of setting boundaries

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In the face of radical uncertainty, instead of asking which option will give the best results, we should be asking which option will provide us with good-enough results under the broadest range of future states.

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Turning success into a side-effect

Turning success into a side-effect

  • The focus, intensity, and sincerity of your action steps of the process, turns goal crushing into a simple side-effect.
  •  The journey doesn’t end with reaching the goals, it ends with getting complacent – when you stop improving.
  • Boredom, fati...

Focus on what you need to discover

To get comfortable with change, shift your focus. Are you focusing on what you know and what is in front of you? Instead, focus on what you still need to discover. 

What we don’t know is far greater than what we do know. Every week we put plans into place t...

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