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You can’t get better at chess just by reading about it. You have to play. Then you have to play in high stress situations (like a tournament).


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Silence is the way to avoid many problems & Smile is the way to solve many problems.

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How to get good at chess

How to get good at chess

We can only get good at chess by loving it.

Every game should teach you something. Play people better than you and be prepared to lose. Then you will learn.

1. Do not finish it.

1. Do not finish it.

Just because youve started a book doesn't mean you have to finish it. Find any literature that you actually enjoy reading. When you like what you're reading, Youll be more motivated to find time to read it.

Approaching learning styles

  • Most people have a growth mindset about the learning style they are comfortable with: if you like math and learn in analytical ways, you probably believe you can get better at math and seek opportunities to do so.
  • Most people have a fixed mindset a...

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