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What can the right hemisphere do?

What can the right hemisphere do?

The right hemisphere enables us to use intuition, see the world holistically, and create syntheses. Thanks to the right hemisphere, we can operate with associations, symbols, and images. We are creative people with great imaginations.




The SITA method is a method of learning that uses the properties of the state of deep relaxation when the brain is in the alpha state by synchronizing the work of both cerebral hemispheres. It was developed at Bundeswehr University by Prof. Reiner Dietrich. A device working on the principle of bi...

American Monroe Institute developed the Hemi Sync technology. It is a method of synchronizing the brain hemispheres by emitting sounds of a specific frequency. Thanks to a computer program, it was possible to generate a wave of the so-called differential beats, which produces a sound with paramet...

Listening to Baroque music can help you study and concentrate. Thanks to it, you can calm down. When we are in a state of relaxation, it is durable for both brain hemispheres to work together. Reach for composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The effe...

A simple crayon and a piece of paper are enough to change the functioning of your brain. Draw with both hands; start with simple motifs: a Christmas tree, a house, a stitch, a spiral, hearts. It is essential that your mirror hand movements each other. For example, draw the left side of the tree w...

Juggling is a straightforward, funny, and effective method leading to the synchronization of brain hemispheres. It develops concentration and eye-hand coordination - which activates many brain areas. Since the left and right hands perform different activities, we start both brain hemispheres work...

If you use the logic of the left hemisphere and the imagination of the right, your abilities will increase significantly. Your memory and concentration will improve. You will learn and work better and solve problems more efficiently. You might start to be seen as brilliantly creative, who has gre...

Our brain is symmetrical, consisting of left and right hemispheres. However, these two parts have entirely different functions. Generally, in everyday life, we use the left hemisphere of the brain, not using the capabilities of the right. However, it turns out that we can achieve a lot when our b...

The left hemisphere enables us to think logically, solve mathematical problems, analyze issues rationally, and operate verbal structures. When working with the left hemisphere, we focus on details and encode information step by step. We are concrete and literal.

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