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Summary of Tips

Summary of Tips

  • Observe your thoughts
  • Stay in the present moment
  • Learn new skills, cultivate hobbies


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Unknowingly we might be doing many things that are affecting our emotional and mental health. Read on to know what they are and how to overcome them.

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Managing Time Like a Pro

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How to set achievable goals

How to manage time for personal and professional life

How to avoid distractions

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Basics of Mindfulness Practice

  • You don’t need special equipment, but you do need to set aside some time and space.
  • Observe the present moment as it is. 
  • Let your judgments roll by. 
  • Return to observing the present moment as it is. ...

Four Steps to Filter Out Thoughts And Ideas

  1. Stay grounded and in the present moment.
  2. Be self-aware, identifying and recognizing your thoughts, feelings and emotions in real time.
  3. Let your awareness discriminate between artificial and real, right or wrong, keeping a critical and objective mindset.
  4. Recognize ...

Engaging in New Hobbies

Engaging in New Hobbies

Engaging in new hobbies requires to learn new skills that put extra pressure on the brain to work faster and better. 

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