Daily Routine 3 - Influences 2 - Deepstash
Daily Routine 3 - Influences 2

Daily Routine 3 - Influences 2

  • Use different Smartphone Keyboards

Typing Speed has potential to infer cognition

  • Giving (doing good)

the Serotonin Release of Giving improves memory


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How to set achievable goals

How to prioritize self-care

How to create healthy habits

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Daily Routine 3 - Influences

Daily Routine 3 - Influences

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listen to music

brain areas get activated. musical training over time shown to increase connectivity of certain brain regions

recently : music with special meaning for a person stimulates neural connect

Daily Routine - Body 1

Daily Routine - Body 1

  • breath trough your nose
    The benefits of nasal breathing are associated with how this breathing purifies, heats, moistens, and pressurizes the air. These changes to the air increase oxygen absorption by approximately 10-15%.

train instab...

Daily Routine 2 - Environment 2

Daily Routine 2 - Environment 2

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is used to store information in your long term memory, dont lose it! study shows that uncovered sleep can be restored in the next 2 days.

try to protect yourself from blue light in the evening (with blue ...

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