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Corporate Nomads: Employees Working While Traveling Around The World

Corporate Nomads: Employees Working While Traveling Around The World

The rise of the corporate nomad will be inexorable in the wake of the pandemic. These are individuals who, while maintaining a full-time employment relationship with their organizations, will increasingly participate part-time in geographically dispersed initiatives and projects within their employer’s global network. The benefits are many. It gives individuals a sense of financial stability while also allowing them to be exposed to new people, new geographies, new cultures, new values, and new work projects without having to leave their current organization. 




The rise of the corporate nomad will be inexorable, given the strong and growing benefits for individuals and organizations alike.

  • As we navigate the waves of the Great Resignation, switching jobs has become increasingly risky.
  • 72% of those who recently switched jobs have been frustrated, and almost half of these would consider trying to get their old jobs back.
  • Virtual interviews can l...

Being a corporate nomad allows you to be exposed to new people, new geographies, new cultures, new values, and new work projects that will foster your development through stretch assignments.

Once you have clarified your purpose and come up with a series of attractive generic options (in terms of experience, learning, and contribution), you should systematically source for organizational units, functions, and geographies that could benefit from your potential contribution. Equally imp...

The best management consulting firms have always excelled at developing global talent.

It won’t be enough to successfully implement high-potential programs (already a major challenge). Organizations will need to avoid the trap of rigidly segmenting people into high and low potentials, and instead 

There’s a global talent scarcity of millions of cybersecurity workers.

While freelance relationships will likely continue to be an attractive option at the beginning and toward the end of our professional lives, stable employment relationships have important financial benefits from our early 30s to 50s, when we are struggling to pay our mortgages, the family’s educa...

Fostering this type of global exposure and contribution will also become an increasingly important and effective way for organizations to retain and develop top talent. It can provide individuals and corporations alike with an extraordinary chance to reap the benefits of job enrichment and change...

Once you have spotted an attractive opportunity with a significant chance for success, you should candidly and enthusiastically speak with your boss about the reasons why you would like to focus some of your time on your proposed initiative. In my experience, assuming your choice is a sensible on...

In addition to financial stability, emotional and social stability are extremely important assets for our well-being. Over the past two decades, a growing body of research has focused on the importance of positive psychological capital (PsyCap). This combination of self-efficacy, optimism, hope, ...

For those raising families in their 30s to 50s, giving their children a stable environment without frequent relocations will strongly contribute to their emotional and social health and development.

Productivity in knowledge workers has a dramatic spread, as does happiness, and those at the top of both curves are masters at resisting technological invasion: They always plan their week ahead while blocking out time for important tasks; they avoid digital distractions and invasion, and they fe...

The rise of the corporate nomad should not only make us more successful and happier. It should fundamentally make us better human beings, genuinely and proactively embracing inclusion at a global scale… one nomadic project at a time.

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