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Self-Confidence To Commit

Self-Confidence To Commit

Few people challenge themselves and keep their commitments. They end up lying to themselves, breaking their own self-confidence.

They fear to commit as they don't trust themselves and remain in a weak and powerless state of indecision.


Most people would take security over total freedom because with freedom comes responsibility and uncertainty.

To experience inner freedom, you have to let go of certainty and embrace insecurity.

To think about a decision you have made, time and again, is to doubt yourself. To resolve means making the decision and finding no excuses. It means not even listening to yourself trying to convince your mind out of the decision. It means you have left your fear, doubt, and disbelief far behind.

Even when life gets difficult, you seeing your goal through the end is what commitment looks like.

Your decision is final no matter what happens, and you see to it and make sure it gets implemented.

Real commitment is implementing the decisions made, even during a struggling phase of life.

One's purpose should be clearly defined and acted upon without hesitationResearch shows that if you hesitate for even a few seconds when you feel inspired to do something, your chances of...

Marcus Porcius Cato

Marcus Porcius Cato

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Hill was a charlatan

Napoleon Hill was said to be an advisor to two presidents: Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
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Decision Making Process

The decision making process that Dalio, Buffett and Munger use is:

  1. Make the most rational decisions you can;
  2. Look for psychological bias that may have interfered with making a rational decision; and
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100% commitment is easier than 98% commitment. Period.

Cuz once you take a decision, you avoid decision fatigue. For ex- When you decide that you will wake up at 5, you do not snooze. But becuase you have not truly decided the waking up at 5, you have the d...