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How To Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

How To Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life
In his book, Outwitting the Devil , Napoleon Hill discusses a moment in which he met his "other self" -- the side of him that wasn't indecisive and unclear about the future. This "other self" operated entirely out of faith and definiteness of purpose.


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Marcus Porcius Cato


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Definiteness of Purpose

Definiteness of Purpose

Real commitment is implementing the decisions made, even during a struggling phase of life.

One's purpose should be clearly defined and acted upon without hesitationResearch shows that if you hesitate for even a few seconds when you feel inspired to do something, your chances of doing it drop DRAMATICALLY even after 2-4 seconds.

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A life without Hesitation

A life without Hesitation
  • When you make a decision or a plan of action, be in an energized state of mind.
  • Create various accountability and fail-safe mechanisms to remove any possibility of doubt.
  • Stick to your decision until it is done.


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Peak And Energized State

Peak And Energized State

Make or finalize your decision when you are at a peak state, an energized, passionate state of mind.

Instead of dragging yourself throughout your life, be at a peak state by upgrading your standards, on a daily basis.



What Commitment Means

What Commitment Means

Even when life gets difficult, you seeing your goal through the end is what commitment looks like.

Your decision is final no matter what happens, and you see to it and make sure it gets implemented.





To think about a decision you have made, time and again, is to doubt yourself. To resolve means making the decision and finding no excuses. It means not even listening to yourself trying to convince your mind out of the decision. It means you have left your fear, doubt, and disbelief far behind.

Your goal is assumed as completed in your mind.



People Want Certainty

People Want Certainty

Most people would take security over total freedom because with freedom comes responsibility and uncertainty.

To experience inner freedom, you have to let go of certainty and embrace insecurity.



Self-Confidence To Commit

Self-Confidence To Commit

Few people challenge themselves and keep their commitments. They end up lying to themselves, breaking their own self-confidence.

They fear to commit as they don't trust themselves and remain in a weak and powerless state of indecision.




Hill was a charlatan

Napoleon Hill was said to be an advisor to two presidents: Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
In fact, there’s no evidence whatsoever outside of Hill’s own writings that Hill ...

Hill and Carnegie

Napoleon Hill’s most infamous claim was that he met and interviewed at length the industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1908.

Andrew Carnegie's biographer David Nasaw found no evidence of any sort that Carnegie and Hill ever met.

Serial swindler

Napoleon Hill tried his hand at a number of businesses. But at every turn, there was some kind of shady dealing that would cause his business ventures to crumble.

Promoters of Hill claim that it was all a matter of bad luck, and Hill's naivety. However, there are only so many times that a man can be arrested for the sale of unlicensed stock, altering checks, and outright theft, before you have to question the official history.

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Fundamental Principles From Think and Grow Rich

Fundamental Principles From Think and Grow Rich
  • Everything which is tangible began as a thought: Anything that you create in your mind and trust that it is possible, you can achieve.
  • Win or quit, pick a side. Winners d...

Think and Grow Rich

... is the most successful personal development book ever written. It was first published in 1937 and has since sold over 70 million copies. 

This tremendously successful book was written by the late Napoleon Hill. He was an American author of the new thought movement.

To be average in today's world

  • Is to spend more than half of your work day in a semi-conscious state, in-and-out of focus
  • to be addicted to technology, stimulants, unhealthy eating, and distraction
  • to lack p...

Being in a peak state

... means you’re operating at the level you want to be, so that you can achieve ambitions beyond anything you've done before. You can reach this state by: 

  • Getting your body moving and breathing deeply (some of the easiest ways to get into a peak state).
  • Listening to music that motivates you.
  • Giving a genuine compliment or being kind to someone.
  • Learning and expanding your mind.

Morning rituals

They are what triggers a peak state.

The core purpose for having a morning routine is to put yourself into a peak state in the morning — so you can then operate from that state for the rest of your day. Rather than being reactive, addicted, and unconscious in your morning — it’s far better to proactively put yourself in a peak state in a ritualistic manner.