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Read Before you Die

Read Before you Die

What future do we face? What future do we want? What must we do to get there?

These three questions preoccupy us all. We can’t predict the future. We can imagine it and even design it; no outcome is predetermined and, as cognitive human beings, we retain the agency to shape the world we want. Perhaps most critically, we can also prepare for the future, by confronting both the risks that we can mitigate and the things that will surprise us. As the most effective conduits for ideas, narratives have the unique power to help us determine what’s going on, what lies ahead, and what needs to be done.


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The Power of Narrative

The Power of Narrative

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How to Be More Mindful

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How to focus on the present moment

How to improve relationships through mindful communication

How to reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness

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We can't know what is worth doing if we don't know where we are going.

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The stories we tell ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves

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