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The importance of passion is, that it provides you with daily motivation to keep pushing forwards. A 2014 Gallup poll found that ⅔ of US workers aren't motivated by their job. Only 13% of workers said they feel engaged with their work. This highlights a clear problem with people pursuing professional goals that they aren't passionate about. Lack of passion creates a workforce that lacks the grit to succeed. In 2003, a psychologist interviewed 100s of US employees. The results confirmed that people are at their happiest when their work intersects with their interests. Happiness breeds success.


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What makes high achievers successful, MacArthur Fellow Duckworth writes, is grit—a “combination of passion and perseverance”—coupled with their raw talent. Talent is important, she acknowledges, but talent multiplied by grit is what builds skill, and skill multiplied by grit equals achievement....

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