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Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Make sure your ideas have been fully understood and that everyone is happy with how the meeting went.

In a more informal setting:

  1. What do you think of what I said here?
  2. What did you think of the meeting?
  3. In a more personal discussion, you may ask: What do you think about me?


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Start With The End In Mind

Start With The End In Mind

What do you hope will happen at the end of the meeting? Start the meeting expressing what is on your mind and clarifying what is your purpose. Prepare ahead thinking about the actions that will need to be performed to achieve this purpose and make sure to discuss them.


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Respond Appropriately

Respond Appropriately

Balance making the other person comfortable with sharing your goals.

Pay attention to sentence structure:

  • If you want clarity use the past + you: “What did you mean by what you just said?” 
  • to show forcefulness use present + I/me: “I need,” “I like” and “I want.”
  • ...


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Make Your Body Language Coherent With Your Message

Non verbal communication is important to reinforce your message and conflicting signals can cause lack of trust or confusion.


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Be Open And Listen Carefully

Be Open And Listen Carefully

  • Speak from your own Point of view.
  • Note down the exact words people say so that they feel heard when you recap. When you don’t fully understand follow up.
  • Be open and follow up offline to clarify any doubt or unclear item.


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Inspired by Japanese thinking, love marketing, tea and cultivating a growth mindset.

Learn to make your meetings productive!

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Ask yourself:

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