Create Inner Space

Create Inner Space

Practice Joyful Yoga sequences like these to embrace and celebrate the holiday season, creating inner space and mental clarity.



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5 Ways to Stay Energized

Stay Energized during the Holiday Season which is now almost here!

1. Create space to celebrate.

2. Serve Thanksgiving dinner with a side of Ayurveda.

3. Don't forget to detox.

4. Boost your mood with mudras.

5. Stay hydrated.

Cook with Ayurvedic help
After a stuffy Thanksgiving Dinner, you can cook these Ayurvedic inspired dishes, and even cook an Ayurvedic Thanksgiving Meal this year

Cleanse your body by drinking plenty of warm lemon water and try this toxin clearing yoga.


Mudras, a part of Yoga, are magical hand gestures, that if done right can help in a variety of health issues, along with improving energy and focus. Do check out a few of these here.

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Even if you have a green juice that is mostly veggies and one serving of fruit, you still won't get the full benefit that would result from eating that whole product instead.

That's primarily because super-satiating fiber is mainly located in the skin of fruits and vegetables.



  • Continue with your regular exercise routine, provided you really listen to your body.
  • Walking is detoxifying, as is burst training.
  • Be sure to hydrate well after a workout — detoxing requires significant water consumption in order to flush out toxins.

The goal is to be able to keep your concentration focused on one thing and not to allow your mind to wander.

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