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Take Care Of Your Physical Health

Take Care Of Your Physical Health

  • Sleep: The ideal amount of sleep is eight hours. Sleeping less can affect your success and your ability to focus.
  • Food: be sure to eat regular meals throughout the day, drink enough water, limit sugary drinks, and have plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise: Research has found that physical activity improves your thinking skills and memory.
  • Hydrate, eat well, don’t abuse caffeine.


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Use The Three P’s To Move Through Exams Smoothly

Use The Three P’s To Move Through Exams Smoothly

These 3 magical P’s — planning, proceeding, and proofreading are key when it comes to passing exams successfully.

  1. Planning means skimming through questions to see what’s ahead of you.
  2. Proceeding means starting with the questions you can...


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Pseudo Work

Pseudo Work

  • Pseudo-work - looks like working, isn’t effective
  • Work Accomplished = Time Spent * Intensity Of Focus
  • Don’t read everything - prioritize favored sources
  • Ask yourself the right questions to learn what you need to know ...


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Short Summary

Short Summary

How To Become a Straight A Student

  1. Streamline your study habits to learn more in less time.
  2. Take smarter notes (Less is more).
  3. Manage your time in 5 minutes each day.
  4. Alw...


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  1. Collect questions and problems from notes
  2. Answer out loud or on paper
  3. Remove easy questions
  4. Repeat until no questions left


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Don’t Cram — Instead, Use A Periodic Review System

Don’t Cram — Instead, Use A Periodic Review System

By reviewing the course material on a regular basis, it is more likely to really stick with you and you will actually understand the material. Periodic review is also a lot less stressful than cramming at the last minute.


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Manage Your Time And Work In Short, Intensive Bursts

Manage Your Time And Work In Short, Intensive Bursts

  • The work you accomplish equals the amount of time spent times how intense your focus was on what you were doing.
  • Studies show that the optimal learning period is roughly 50 minutes so you should give yourself a break (don’t use phone...


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Exam Strategy

Exam Strategy

  1. Look over the whole test first.
  2. Figure out how much time you have to spend on each question (leaving a ten-minute cushion at the end).
  3. Answer the questions in order of increasing difficulty.
  4. Use any and all le...


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Demote Your Assignments

Demote Your Assignments

  • Work a little bit each day on your assignments; avoid suffering from day-before syndrome.
  • Read only the favored sources on the syllabus in detail.
  • Work in groups on problem sets, solve problems on the go.
  • Write up your answers formall...


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What Straight A Students Do

What Straight A Students Do

  • Priority setters: If they’ve scheduled a study session, no matter what comes their way, they will stick to their commitment.
  • Organized: A clear mind helps to focus better when studying...


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Always Have A Plan

Always Have A Plan

  • Make sure to always have a plan ahead of time, and to always be on top of important dates for tests and deadlines.
  • Always carry a list with you so that you can write down anything new that comes up during the day. Spend five minutes each morning putting those items into your planner....


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For Technical Notes

For Technical Notes

  • Record as many sample problems as possible

In priority order:

  1. Problem statement and answer
  2. Ask questions for anything confusing
  3. Record solution steps
  4. Annotate steps with explanation


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Keep A Work Progress Journal To Uncover Your Excuses

Keep A Work Progress Journal To Uncover Your Excuses

Every morning when you wake up, make a list of the most important work that needs to get done for that day. At the end of the day, write down any failed to dos and reasons. Seeing the same excuses over and over might tell you something and help you become more self-aware.


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Take Smart Notes

Take Smart Notes

  • Always go to class and try to take the best notes possible.
  • For nontechnical courses, capture the big ideas by taking notes in the question/evidence/conclusion format.
  • For technical courses, record as many sample problems and answers as possible.


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Eliminate Question Marks

Eliminate Question Marks

  • Ask questions in class
  • Talk to teacher after class
  • Ask classmates
  • Ask the internet

Clarify your doubts immediately!!


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Study Place

Study Place

  • Isolated location
  • No distractions
  • Habit - find a one hour slot per day that is always distraction-free, always use it for the same task.
  • If overtime is likely, schedule in advance.
  • Study early, in isolation, with hourl...


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“The A+ students understood the role intensity plays in productivity and therefore went out of their way to maximize their concentration – radically reducing the time required to prepare for tests or write papers, without diminishing the quality of their results.”...



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“The more you try to do, the less you actually accomplish. They elaborate that execution should be aimed at a small number of “wildly important goals.” 



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"A good curated idea should be like a girl's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest."

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” -Michael Jordan


Take Care of Your Diet

Take Care of Your Diet

The lockdown has increased the sales of chips, popcorn, and processed food, while fresh produce (fruits and veggies) are rotting. 

Restricting high-calorie and sugary foods from your diet, while ensuring you don’t eat all day is the key to lose weight and gain energy. It would also be grea...

BODY #1 Take Care of Your Body, Get Good Sleep 💤

BODY #1 Take Care of Your Body, Get Good Sleep 💤

Are you getting good sleep?

Good quality sleep is something so essential that we often neglect. Working on improving your sleep is a great place to start. (Sleep 8 or more hours per night, sleep everyday at the same hour, same for waking up, reduce caffeine and alcohol usag...

Rejuvenate: Reenergize Your Mind and Body

Rejuvenate: Reenergize Your Mind and Body

  • Sleep. 7-10 hours per night. Turn off screens an hour before bedtime.
  • Eat. Eat natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meats. Be mindful when eating out.
  • Move. Exercise itself is an energizer. Physical activi...

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