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System 1 

The focus of this system is: 

  • To maintain a representation of your world. It is an automatically learned skill. For example, driving your car along a familiar route requires little mental effort and is intuitive. 
  • To update a model of your world. It is from the subconscious and based on emotions. For example, when meeting a potential hire for the first time, you will get a feeling for them if they are the right candidate. 


The purpose of this system is to focus your attention on a particular task by using expert knowledge and applying a conscious mental effort.

Consider driving to work and coming across an accident. This unexpected change demands you to pay particular attention to your environment. Fil...

The two systems guide how you think. Be mindful when you move from one system to the other.

It is possible to make decisions based on your feelings when you have taxed your mind too much with effortful activities. It is useful to understand when you are thinking on autopilot, and when yo...

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System 1 Thinking

The main function of System 1 is to maintain and update a model of your personal world, which represents what is normal in it.

Consider driving your car from home to work on a quiet road.

You understand the tasks involved, such as using your car's indicators, ...

Our society is built on the premise that human beings are more or less rational. We trust that our leaders, judges, scientists, and other experts are making fair and unbiased decisions, and that we ourselves are seeing the world as it is and making the best choices we can.



“Nothing in life is as important as you think it is, while you are thinking about it”