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Hiring Without an Office

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We all have the potential to become metahuman

  • Anyone can tune into the universe’s infinite possibilities.
  • The Sudden Genius Principle proves it. Sudden genius can occur when the patterns and intricacies of the universe spontaneously open up to someone.
  • Some of us are born savants with exceptional mental abilities; others acquire savant abilities.


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Reality is a simulation

  • At a fundamental level, we apprehend reality through our senses, filtering the world through our abilities to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste.
  • Everything our senses apprehend is alchemized by our minds into information and experiences we can understand.


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We exist in a matrix of human-made mental models

  • Our mind-made reality isn't just made up of all the data that gets filtered by our senses. It's also constructed from all the ideas and impressions that we filter through a complex matrix of beliefs.
  • This matrix helps us to organize and understand the world we live in, and shapes our...


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Consciousness exists beyond the limits of the physical body

  • You don't need to be on the brink of death to have an experience that transcends the physical bounds of your body.
  • There's simply no doubt that our consciousness isn't confined to our bodies; it exists beyond physical limits because consciousness itself is limitless and infinite.


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Beyond our perceived reality, there is pure metareality

  • Metareality is pure awareness beyond the bounds and limitations of everyday perception.
  • It is reality without limits or constraints—a wellspring of infinite possibilities.
  • To access it, strip your consciousness of all mind-made models that inhibit it, and you are left with pu...


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The journey to metareality begins with cultivating the mind-body connection

  • The first step on your journey is to ground your body and mind in the present, letting constructs of the past and future fall away. To achieve this, practicing mindfulness.
  • Tune into your perceived reality at the very source of perception: the five senses.
  • Relax into the pres...


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Final summary

  • The key message in these ideas are that our day-to-day reality is inauthentic, compromised by limiting mental and social frameworks that humans have imposed upon it.
  • Our true reality is metareality, which exists outside of all of the many interpretations that we human beings add to i...


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Activate your creative potential through consciousness

  • The source of creativity lies in metareality, which is accessible to all of us.
  • Profound creativity occurs when an individual perceives that which lies beyond the conventions of everyday reality.
  • It is tempting to believe that creativity exists on two planes—the mental and th...


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Learn to strip away mental conditioning, and you will meet your true self

  • At its source, the true self is infinite, immaterial, and ever-changing.
  • Yet, as we exist in the world, we accrue fixed characteristics that limit our potential. As a result, we deny our true, infinite potential. Reverting these processes of reification is necessary.


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Sharing key insights from top books, podcasts, and beyond. Embrace the path of continuous learning with me.

What if you could move beyond your current reality to experience a higher form of awareness, one that brought you into contact with your own infinite potential as a creative, emotional, intelligent being? The fact is, you can. There is something more to life, and it's accessible to each of us if we can learn to tap into it.

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