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Being a Graphic Designer in the Modern World

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Being a Graphic Designer in the Modern World

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Remove All Vague Words

Remove All Vague Words

Wrong: It takes a short time to recharge the batteries.

Right: Full recharge in 30 minutes.

Nobody wants to struggle to understand what your words mean. Be clear.


445 reads


Add Urgency in Your Copy by Showcasing Demand

Let the audience see how many people are clamoring for your offer

Wrong: Join my email list

Right: Join 2,400 marketers receiving fresh marketing strategies daily.

This also serves as social proof.


255 reads

Address Your Prospects with A Specific Attribute

Address Your Prospects with A Specific Attribute


  • Dear Friend - 10% response rate
  • Dear Accountant - 12% response rate
  • Dear “Frustrated” Accountant - 50% response rate.

Connect with them on the first line and they stay hooked.


305 reads

Remove Buzzwords from Your Copy

Remove Buzzwords from Your Copy

Fancy words do not sell.

Here’s an example:

Buzzy: Hypefury skyrockets your LinkedIn growth.

Clear: Hypefury takes you from 0-10K LinkedIn followers in 150 days.

Clarity beats cleverness every day.


372 reads

Remove Generalizations from Your Marketing Copy

Remove Generalizations from Your Marketing Copy

General: UK men love cold coffee.

Specific: Recent survey showed that 70% of UK men over 25 drink cold coffee 6 days a week.

No one thing applies to everyone in a group. Do more research.


236 reads

Dramatize Your Stats: Storytelling

Dramatize Your Stats: Storytelling

Boring: 80% of women have read the book “How to say fuck you”

Storytelling: “Imagine you get on a 10-seater bus to work and all 8 women seated are reading ‘How to say fuck you…’

The second sentence allows prospects to paint the picture in their heads....


235 reads

Replace Adverbs with Data

Replace Adverbs with Data

No Data: This gel grows your hair significantly.

With Data: This gel grows your 4B hair by 1-inch every week.

You become more specific…

And your target audience know what they’re getting.


247 reads

Replace subjective writing

Subjective: I think our weight loss drink works better than others on the market.

Objective: 8 out of 10 women who drink our weight loss tea have lost 60 pounds in 4 weeks.

Subjective writing lacks confidence.

Replace it with objective writing.


250 reads

Friction Words: From CTA(Call To Action) To CTV(Call To Value)

Remove friction words like Sign up. Buy. Submit. Invest.

They make your readers feel like they need to do more work.

Instead, tell them what they’ll get.


With Friction Word: Submit your email

With Benefit: Receive my free letters.


320 reads

Don’t Make Many Assumptions About Your Prospect

Don’t Make Many Assumptions About Your Prospect

  • As you already know, every man over 30 has...
  • You are well aware that the skin...

Both the statements assume the readers know something.

If you're going to tell your readers something...

Do that without assuming they already know.


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Allergic to Brazil nuts. And BS.

Digital Marketing Tips: Jake Victor From LinkedIn

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Making wordy sentences that lose their fluency due to needless complexity in a text negatively affects the receiver of your message. In short: big is bad.

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