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The Bottom Line

Your best defense against incivility is to develop your own “sense of thriving.”

The stronger you feel, the better you will handle adversity. Strengthen and reinforce your sense of thriving by finding purpose in your work and outside activities. Seek the support of a mentor, and build positive relationships in every area of your life.  


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Spending a large amount of time with someone literally causes you to pick up their habits. Choose your friends wisely.

Be Kind at the office. A guide to Civility.

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Diverse And Inclusive Workplaces

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How to create a diverse and inclusive workplace

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The Bottom Line

If you have an experienced mentor it can be life changing and extremely valuable to your personal development and your business.

Whether your relationship is just for one year, or ongoing throughout your business journey, mentorship can empower you and drastically increase the chance of y...

The bottom line

The bottom line

This effect may underlie outcomes found in previous observational research showing that in the long-term caffeine appears to improve cognitive performance, including verbal memory, and may also protect against cognitive decline.

Mentally Prepare

Think if you are willing to sacrifice your free time to struggle to establish a side hustle and if you can handle the consequences of it. 

If you are willing, develop a system of positive triggers and routines to help support your self-discipline and exert all your extra effort to gr...

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