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We Overcomplicate Things

  • We read things into what people say and do and create extra meaning out of things.
  • We have a lot of things to do today, big and small, and it feels overwhelming, and we get stuck on doing anything because we have in mind how hard it’s going to be to tackle all of it, and how we might not be able to stay above water. When in fact, the simplest thing would be to pick one thing and get started.
  • We get anxious about an upcoming event, worried about what people will think about us. The simple thing would be to take some care to do preparation without overdoing it, and then show up and be ourselves.


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Solve the problem or leave the problem. But…… Do not live with the problem.

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How To Become a Better Decision-Maker

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Understanding the importance of decision-making

Identifying biases that affect decision-making

Analyzing the potential outcomes of a decision

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You get social anxiety when you’re around certain people. That anxiety cripples you and you start wondering why you’re so anxious. Now you’re becoming anxious about being anxious. Now you’re anxious about your social anxiety ➡️ more anxiety.

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Defensive Pessimism

Defensive pessimism is a strategy used by people who are anxious about an upcoming event. They set unrealistically low expectations before going into a situation and take steps to avoid poor performance. Defensive pessimism involves over-preparation.

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One step at a time

New projects can feel overwhelming, so imagining how you will get from start to finish it hard.

But you don't have to do it all in a day. Pick one small thing that will take you closer to your goal. And focus on that.

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