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Just The Right Sunlight

Just The Right Sunlight

Flipping things around, even the idea that many of us are more prone to depression in the gloomier the winter months (known as ‘seasonal affective disorder’) is controversial. 

While too much sunshine is undoubtedly bad for your unprotected skin, sunlight exposure is also beneficial in many ways because it allows the body to create more vitamin D, which can reduce the risk of cancer and lower blood pressure among other health benefits.


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Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and many other biological processes. Lower levels of Vitamin D increase the rates of almost every disease like cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment, autoimmune conditions and more.

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Experts are changing their opinion

Experts are changing their opinion

Cancer Council of Australia states that ultraviolet radiation from the sun is beneficial to human health but that a balance is required between excessive sun exposure and enough sun exposure to maintain adequate vitamin D levels and gain the many other benefits sunlight has to offer.

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