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When Is It Okay To Ask For Help

When Is It Okay To Ask For Help

Ask for help. While it may seem like a hard task when you’re a new leader, remind yourself that you don’t have to know it all.

Reach out to your trusted peers, mentors, or your own manager. Don’t let the initial stress of your new role turn into the chronic stress of burnout. Speak up and ask for what you need before it gets to this point. This is not just something you should do for yourself, but also for your team — because working alongside someone who is burned out can affect your team’s productivity.


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  2. Feel the discomfort and endure it, removing any initial fear or resistance.
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How To Ask For Help

How To Ask For Help

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Working for a bad boss

  1. Figure out the real issue before you speak to your supervisor. 
  2. Instead of  “You’re difficult,” say “It’s difficult for me to do my job well when I’m not given updated information.” 
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about things that are your responsibility. 

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