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Having fun is a virtue, not a guilty pleasure

Work and leisure

Work is fun, and a life without meaningful labor can make one miserable. 

However, work should not be the only enjoyable activity in life. Working hard is only a part of the good life. Financial rewards that come from hard labor should be put to use for the sake of leisure.




The Meaning of a Good Life
The Meaning of a Good Life

One of the oldest philosophical questions is the meaning of living well. Philosophers have delved into the hidden complexities of how should one live and what is the concept of the good lif...

Plato And Socrates on Living a Moral Life
  • The Greek philosopher Socrates stated that it is better to suffer and die than to be corrupted and use one’s wealth and power in a dishonourable way.
  • Plato claimed that being morally good has an inner harmony, while a dishonest, wicked person is always at unease, and in a disharmonious state of being.
Morality and Religions
  • Believers Of God, both in east and west, believe that good, pious deeds and intentions are rewarded by God; many people do not receive their reward in this life.
  • Hindus believe that Karma will ensure that their good deeds will be rewarded, while evil actions and desires will be punished, either in this life or in future lives.
One of the reasons why Stoicism is enjoying a revival today is that it gives concrete answers to moral questions.
Aristotle gave us an alternative conception of happiness

It cannot be acquired by pleasurable experiences but only by identifying and realizing our own potential, moral and creative, in our specific environments, with our particular family, friends and colleagues, and helping others to do so. 

The Fascination Of Tragedy
The Fascination Of Tragedy

Tragedy is supposed to be unpleasant, but human beings have a fascination with something that evokes disgust or awe.

Ancient philosophers have wondered about tragedy being a source of ...

Novelty And Security In Tragedy

There is a certain gruesome novelty in tragedy, as we normally see other people in highly unpleasant and deadly circumstances, while we are safe.

There is a mix of emotions that is experienced, ranging from joy, grief, pity and delight.

Pleasure And Pain
  • Some people find pleasure in watching something painful, finding that the pleasure is outweighing the pain.
  • Others can feel a sort of catharsis, a liberation from their negative emotions, with the pain of others facilitating a kind of relief from their own traumas.
  • Many find pain to be a source of enjoyment, with the sensation of the bad occurrence that is being witnessed providing a sort of climax that satisfies them.