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Having fun is a virtue, not a guilty pleasure

Having fun is a virtue, not a guilty pleasure

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Far too many people spend 80% of their waking hours slogging away at a desk and view any break from this routine as a naughty deviation from duties.

Workism, where people worship their work, leave hordes of purportedly "Type A" people without hobbies, companionship, or a sense of self outside the daily grind.


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Workaholism: factors

Many people cannot choose a reasonable work schedule:

  • They're underpaid and dependent on overtime wages for the survival of their families.
  • Many high-status workers who can afford a break, opt instead to toil continually.

This widespread workaholism, in part, reflects the misguided notion that having fun is somehow an over-indulgence.


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Working less to produce more

Many people across the world take six weeks of vacation a year and still manage to produce functioning companies and political systems.

Working more than 55 hours a week produces diminishing returns of productivity.


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Work and leisure

Work and leisure

Work is fun, and a life without meaningful labor can make one miserable. 

However, work should not be the only enjoyable activity in life. Working hard is only a part of the good life. Financial rewards that come from hard labor should be put to use for the sake of leisure.


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