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4. Daily Meditation

Meditation is the best and evergreen method when it comes to focus and mental strength.

The benefits of meditation are uncountable and no doubt it's the best way to improve yourself and to be more mentally strong.

Meditation helps in controlling our thoughts and makes us focus on one thing at one time.

Start practising meditation as it will make you more attentive and will also boost your will power.


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1. Increase your stress taking capacity

1. Increase your stress taking capacity

In today's society it is very difficult to escape from a stressful environment , and it is very hard to deal with stress so what you have to do is improve your stress taking capacity.

Stress is harmful and you can't get rid of stress because at every...


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3. Have small slots between work

Now divide your work in different slots . Try to do your work in 2-3 slots . Remember to take a break in between.

Taking a break will improve...


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2. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is a common habit of most people and they eventually don't know how harmful it is.

Multitasking not only lowers your attention span but also makes you less efficient and less productive as your focus is divided in two works.


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5. Speak less than needed

The best way to enhance and bold your character and to improve your will power is to speak less.

A study shows that people who speak more are ignored compared to those who speak less.

Speaking less makes everyone fo...


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Will power is all about mental strength and with a little effort you can easily do that.

That's all for today . Will you follow these tips ? Share your views .


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Just an ordinary man, trying to be extraordinary

Learn what willpower is, how to improve your will power , and how to increase it so that you can control urges, make better decisions and feel happier

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